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Ed-Fi fundamentally transforms how educators and administrators utilize their information. By connecting a school’s multiple data systems—and turning that data into actionable insights—Ed-Fi is already improving instruction across the country.

To deliver the highest-quality instruction possible, educators need to be supported by data. They need grades, behavior histories, curriculum notes, attendance records, health data—everything. The more a teacher knows about her students, the more effectively she can craft her lessons.

By bringing together multiple data systems—and offering tools to turn the data into something usable—Ed-Fi is empowering educators with total insight. They can now see everything about students, both individually and as an entire district or state.

Fun Fact: One of the clients we work with, Indiana University's School of Education, in only seven months, implemented the Ed-Fi suite in nine Indiana districts, affecting about 90,000 students. Now that is converting data into actionable information to empower the teaching-learning process!

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Getting the most of your Ed-Fi solution is a journey that evolves as your students, teachers and administrators change, and Clear Launch is your preferred Ed-Fi implementation partner. 

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