App Health Check

There comes a time during the life cycle of a digital product when an application requires a check-up. Just like an automobile, your product needs someone to do a thorough analysis to accurately pinpoint potential problems in the system. You need a team that can effectively analyze your app’s components, services, performance, and security to assess its health and extensibility.

Clear Launch offers a complete App Health Check that helps you gauge your app’s current well being and determine its future development plan. This 40-hour service gives you the insight to confidently determine your next steps towards system improvements and new functionality.

Application Support

C# desktop and mobile applications (Xamarin)
Asp.NET MVC and Webforms
E-commerce (Shopify, Big Commerce, Custom Platforms)
Single Page Applications: Angular JS, KnockoutJS

Our team of senior application developers makes recommendations based on the bugs they encounter and overall maintainability of the application. The result is a clear snapshot of your app’s fitness and potential problems.