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BuildASign.com is a leading online provider of custom signs, banners, and promotional products.






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BuildASign.com is a leading online provider of custom signs, banners, and promotional products. In just over a decade, BuildASign has grown from a scrappy startup to a large established company with over $85 million in annual revenue. Clear Launch recently helped BuildASign select and implement a third-party shipping solution, which enabled them to realize significant savings.

BuildASign.com’s Challenge

BuildASign was founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas when founders Dan Graham, J.R Kraft, Blake Borgeson, & Ty Barho determined that the sign-printing industry needed an online solution that allowed buyers to order custom signs. BuildASign completely disrupted the way printed materials were purchased by offering customization tools, a convenient ordering process, and direct shipping. BuildASign quickly became one of the country’s largest online custom printing companies.

BuildASign has always used technology to improve business operations and increase efficiency. In 2016 they realized that an overhaul to their existing technology would solve common problems with address verification and shipping rate selection. This upgrade to their platform would result in significant savings for the company.

“We are really happy with the work they delivered, specifically around the quality of the code and how test automation was accounted for, which was very important for us.”

-Christian Orawetz, Director of Technology, BuildASign

Clear Launch Solution

BuildASign’s internal development team was already pushed to the limits, so they relied on Clear Launch to evaluate and implement an enterprise-grade shipping platform capable of rate-shopping individual packages. With thousands of packages shipped everyday from dozens of separate production lines, each all with its own custom technology applications, the task required an in-depth understanding of BuildASign’s existing production process and a thorough analysis of commercially available off-the-shelf shipping platforms.

After detailed planning and reviews were completed, Clear Launch coordinated a successful effort to implement a new shipping platform along with custom-developed WebAPIs and integrations. By working closely with teams from IT, Warehouse Management, and Application Development, Clear Launch was able to launch a solution that bridged the gap between BuildASign’s custom warehouse management system and the enterprise shipping platform.

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