We are Clear Launch

Based in Austin, TX we are an established, custom software development agency implementing technology that drives business results. From complex systems integrations to custom web applications, we deliver enterprise solutions to fit your needs.


We Know Code

You wouldn’t fix a window with a hammer. From C# to Angular to React (seriously, one of our senior developers wrote the book on it), no matter what your application needs, we use the right tools for the right job.

Responsive Design

User experience is critical. In today’s world, your site should work with devices of varying size. We can ensure that your site provides a consistent experience across an array of devices.


Quality in software development comes in many forms, to us it means Scalability, Maintainability, Performance and Reliability. Solid system architecture is the key and getting it right up front is the best time to do it.


Exponential growth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes strategic insight, careful planning, and solid engineering to bring your technology into alignment with your business goals. Clear Launch provides custom software development and systems integration so you can focus on what matters most: your business.



Too often, development companies tackle the easiest, shiniest part first. But when the rubber hits the road, this approach can lead to frustration and disappointment. We start with the most complex aspects of the solution first, making it functional and user friendly, then add the flair to make it stand out. This unique methodology reduces surprises, mitigates risk and ensures our clients’ most challenging objectives are met.


We don’t outsource, period. We are end-to-end, local, and experienced with a full house of experienced developers and designers. We use hustle, persistence and startup-like motivation to build best-in-class solutions for companies across a variety of industries. Because of this, communication between us and our clients is seamless...no timezones, no barriers.


Our Work