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Who says you have to physically be somewhere in order to visit? Doing the Streets offers a unique, virtual stroll through a city shopping district without the need for physical travel. Clear Launch responded to an SOS to recover a project ready for abandonment and helped give life to an augmented reality shopping experience.

Doing The Streets Challenge

Imagine all the color, clarity and enjoyment of walking down South Congress in Austin, TX, or NYC’s Fifth Avenue. Using custom photosphere code, Doing the Streets enables a person to visit shops, see the sights, and absorb the world’s best shopping experiences without ever leaving the couch.

With future plans of including other iconic streets nation-wide, Doing the Streets seeks to build a living culture around shopping activities with a more vibrant experience than the typical street views of current online applications. Restaurant menus, upcoming events, specials, and timely contextual information will be delivered to shoppers as they engage the city scenery.

Clear Launch Solution

Clear Launch recognized Doing the Streets needed a qualified team who fully understood the business case for an augmented reality street tour and who could manage the product from beta to release. Clear Launch stepped in to assess the state of the project and quickly coordinate a transfer of the product from the previous development team. They subsequently conducted a thorough gap analysis, prioritized remaining feature development with the client’s Project Manager, and set up a development process with continuous deployment and source control. This allowed the Clear Launch team to deliver a launch ready product that uses a PHP/Laravel backend, HTML5, and Angular client-side code to bring in the custom photosphere functionality with a mobile-friendly responsive design with enhanced navigation.

With the help of Clear Launch, Doing the Streets was able to recover a nearly discarded project and launch a functioning product that attracts new retail clients and demonstrates the value of the virtual street tour. Clear Launch continues to support the product as the company acquires retail and commercial clients eager to capture virtual shoppers.

“Orion and his great team have been spectacular! They are organized, efficient, friendly, laid back, and professional.

They have been very collaborative (that means so much to me!) and are full of ideas to improve the site functionality.

We have marched forward together and are ready to launch!”

– Carol Vaughan, CEO Doing the Streets
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