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Game Over Videogames is the most popular one-stop shopping destination for classic video games and collectibles. Clear Launch brought Game Over’s online retail operation into the future while staying true to vintage gameplay design.

Game Over’s Challenge

Game Over Videogames is a fast-growing independent retailer of retro and vintage video games. Their dedication to the love of classic video games is demonstrated by their policy of buying, selling, and trading used video games at 16 retail locations across the country. Game Over Videogames is bucking the downward trend in brick-and-mortar businesses by continuing to expand operations at the retail stores, each of which boasts an inventory of over 10,000 games, systems, and accessories.

Game Over recognizes that the future to positive growth exists in improving eCommerce operations with an online shopping experience for their loyal fanbase. In order to reinvigorate existing customers and attract new gamers, they needed a new site with an amazing visual experience on the frontend, a modern online shopping experience, and a seamless integration to their new backend POS and ERP solutions.

So how do you modernize a website dedicated to classic video games without losing the retro look and feel?

“The team at Clear Launch was easy to work with and very responsive to discuss the site at each step. They were in tune with the theme and design we were shooting for, which made it easy to work together on the overall project.”

– David Kaelin, CEO & Founder – Game Over Videogames

Clear Launch Solution

Game Over’s in-house graphic designer, Sayla Barnes, created an incredible UI and UX reminiscent of vintage Nintendo gameplay. Clear Launch worked closely with Sayla to blend the new look-and-feel with a powerful shopping experience that engages the consumer as much as it enhances the online buying process.

With the UI/UX enhancements complete, Clear Launch developers built a site that seamlessly connected the Shopify eCommerce platform with ERPLY POS and ERP solutions to coordinate inventory and manage sales activities. Now it’s easier than ever to search for rare games, make a purchase, and fulfill the order.

With the expected increase in sales, Game Over Videogames needed a way to continually replenish their inventory. Clear Launch simplified the process for trade ins by designing a new workflow that provides a trade in quote directly on the screen. Now customers can see the value of their used games and consoles without having to drive into a store. The result is a one of a kind system that enables Game Over to scale their online video game sales while continuing to expand their brick-and-mortar retail operations.

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