Microsoft Azure SQL

How to Harness the Power of Microsoft Azure SQL

Microsoft Azure SQL

Microsoft Azure has become one of the most popular cloud computing services because it offers 250+ unique services spread over 20 categories of computing. Each service fulfills a specific role, making Azure an attractive option for anyone who wants to develop or deploy cloud-based apps. Today let’s shine a spotlight on Azure SQL, one of the foundational tools that makes Azure a terrific cloud solution for data storage.

Azure SQL Scales Seamlessly to Meet Your Needs

Azure SQL scales automatically to keep up with your needs. Seamless scalability comes in handy for practically any type of business. A small company that sells software might need to grow its database quickly to accommodate a sudden increase in users. A company that uses software to perform internal tasks might need to scale up during the busiest hours of the day.

Since Azure SQL scales seamlessly to meet your needs, you never pay for services and server space you don’t need. You only pay for the services you require.

Azure SQL Eliminates On-Site Hosting Maintenance

On-site data hosting might seem like a good idea until you explore the costs of hardware, installation, and maintenance. On-site hosting means you need to spend a lot of money upfront. If something goes wrong, you’re the one responsible for finding and paying for a solution.

Azure SQL eliminates the problems associated with on-site data hosting. Move all of your information to the cloud so you get secure, guaranteed access at a much lower price.

Azure SQL Offers Reliable, Automated Backups

No business continuity and disaster recovery plan is complete without database backups. Azure SQL can help with that, too. In fact, it makes the backup process easier—and more customizable—than ever. 

SQL uses a variety of backup strategies to ensure that your data is always protected:

  • Full database backups every week
  • Differential backups every day
  • Transaction log backups every 10 minutes

It also actively prevents data loss from natural disasters. How, you ask? By using geographically redundant data storage as its default.

Here’s a glimpse of that in simpler terms: Say you experience a power outage. Without SQL, you’d be stuck twiddling your thumbs until the systems booted back up again, which could lead to hours of downtimes. With Azure SQL, you could restore your servers to your default backup location, allowing you to continue business as normal.

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