How we do it

Increasing company profitability through custom software is no secret, it’s all about efficiency and powerful tools.

A Common Problem

In every company daily operations requires labor to manage the process and if the team doesn’t have the right tools then inefficiencies start to pile up. Wasted labor feels like copying data from one system to the next, never having a clear view of where things stand, having bottle necks of only one person that can perform that key function. When the team has the right tools you can stop throwing people at the problem and instead empower everyone to be more productive.


Finding the Vision

When contemplating custom software, we look for processes that involve at least 3 to 4 individuals who are communicating and collaborating through spreadsheets, paper forms, and over email. These tools are fantastic general purpose lines of communication but inevitably they promote a lack of visibility, accountability, efficiency and scalability. If the process identified is mission critical to the organization then there’s no reason to continue using a leaky ship.


Charting the Future

The problem is common but the solutions are never the same. Sometimes buying an off-the-shelf platform or performing a basic integration to connect data between systems is all that is needed other times it’s a full digital transformation of the organization. The solution that’s right for you will depend on budget, growth plans, existing tools and technology and a variety of other factors. Ultimately the first step is always the same as we start with a pre-project consulting discovery to chart the right course for you.


What to Expect

Custom software is not a fast, easy journey for the faint of heart. Planning, development, rollout and maintenance all take a lot of time, budget, and commitment. The ROI on a custom tool can be anywhere between 3 months and 2 years but every situation will be different. Typically we find that once an organization starts down the custom solution path, more and more doors open to leverage that investment into even greater automation and a more productive workforce. Checkout our pricing to learn more.


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