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Based out of Austin, TX, Clear Launch is a custom software development firm providing a range of services including cloud migration and custom application development. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, we ensure our commitment to our clients never wavers. This dedication to building deep, sustaining partnerships is especially true with i2290.

The Client:

For trucking companies and anyone operating heavy vehicles on our highways, i2290 simplifies the process of e-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns. i2290 formed in 2003 and worked with the IRS to streamline the e-filing form for their customers. They are now an IRS e-file partner.


The Problem

The last time i2290 had a full rebuild of their system was way back in 2007. They knew they needed to modernize their legacy platform if they wanted to continue to serve their customers to their highest standards.

“We were built on old architecture, and we were running on old versions of .NET,” explains Phil Boyer, CEO and President of i2290. “We needed to completely revamp everything and set ourselves up better for future projects.”

They knew they needed a software development team that worked on the Microsoft stack and operated out of the Austin metro area. After meeting with several companies, they found Clear Launch and immediately knew they were the perfect match. Not only did we possess the experience and expertise i2290 was looking for, but much like them, we pride ourselves on running our business ethically and with integrity.

“Clear Launch really practices what they preach. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to drop them once they’ve started working with these guys.

Now that we’re hosted in Azure, we can scale hardware in our peak season to meet demand.“

– Phil Boyer

The Outcome:

These days, i2290 and Clear Launch are still going strong. Clear Launch stays on retainer to help them deal with bug fixes, enhancements, new feature launches, production support and more.

“Whenever issues come up, and we need to investigate issues a little deeper, we know we can always turn to Clear Launch to help out with any tasks,” Boyer says. “Having a team of developers is much nicer than relying on a single developer to run the entire lifecycle, as well.”

After finding success with such an enormous project with Clear Launch - one that called for migrating to a new stack during the busiest months of the year for i2290 - they couldn’t imagine having another software development partner.

“Clear Launch really practices what they preach. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to drop them once they’ve started working with these guys.”

To learn more about the services Clear Launch provides each of our clients, contact us today. We look forward to discovering all of the ways we can help your business succeed just like we helped i2290.

The Solution:

Clear Launch’s team of developers began by taking over maintenance for i2290’s system and modernizing some of their legacy technology from the development frameworks all the way to a cloud infrastructure migration. After several months, i2290 recognized the value in fully revamping and updating their tech stack on the React framework.

“While we were capable of supporting his legacy platform with a hybrid of VB.NET, Asp.NET MVC, and C#, we knew the maintenance wasn't efficient due to the mixed nature of the legacy stack,” says Orion Jensen, CEO of Clear Launch. “Ultimately we rethought the customer experience, migrated to a unified modern tech stack with React, Asp.NET Core and Azure.”

All customer-facing code got an overhaul without making any major changes to the database, and with a new API separating the database from everything else, they’ll be set in the future when it comes time to develop a mobile application. In additionally, Clear Launch also helped them improve documentation and their code repository.

Throughout the project, Clear Launch worked closely with stakeholders from i2290, providing support and consulting on their tech stack that would allow them to best scale business processes. Suggestions, such as migrating to Azure, have certainly paid off for them.

“Now that we’re hosted in Azure, we can scale hardware in our peak season to meet demand,” Boyer says. This has allowed i2290 to deliver a smoother, more user-friendly experience overall.

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