local vs offshore software development

Offshore Software Development vs Local Development: Which Is Right for You?

local vs offshore software development

You’ve locked in an exciting new project, and you need to onboard a team of software developers to help you execute it.

The question, now, is where do you find those developers?

You’ve got a couple of choices: work with an offshore software development team or go with a local development company. Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks, so which is right for you?

In this post, we’ll look at the perks of both options, and give you the details you need to decide what works best for our team. Let’s dive in.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

When teams opt to work with offshore developers, they usually list price as their primary reason. And it’s true – offshore developers tend to be less expensive than local software developers.

Offshore software hotspots, like Pakistan and India, are hotbeds of tech talent, boasting a wide range of STEM graduates who specialize in innovative software technologies. This is attractive for any team looking for skilled software developers that won’t break the bank.

Working with offshore developers also presents a larger talent pool. As such, it can be a good option for teams who can’t find a U.S.-based software developer who suits the needs of the project.

While language barriers can be impossible to navigate with outsourced writing teams, code is a universal language. As long as you can effectively communicate your project’s needs and goals, you’ll probably get a decent product in return.

Benefits of Local Software Development

The biggest benefit of local software developers is just that – they’re local. This means they’re more likely to know your target audience (possibly even from real-life interaction) and understand any unique issues surrounding the client or project.

In-person meetings are easier with local developers than they are with offshore developers, and you don’t have to worry about navigating massive time differences, stumbling over language barriers, or struggling through spotty Skype meetings. As time goes on, you’ll find that you’re able to create a stronger working relationship with your developer than with someone in a different country.

In fact, local developers provide highly customized service that most offshore developers can’t match—which means a much faster turnaround time for your team.

And here’s a bonus: When you work with local software developers, you also help stimulate the local economy.

The Verdict on Local vs Offshore Software Development

While working with offshore developers may seem attractive, we always recommend working with local software developers whenever possible.

Besides the fact that local developers are more likely to understand your client and target audience, as well as the cultural and social considerations surrounding the project, working with a local team of developers streamlines communication and removes frustrating bottlenecks where meeting and communication are concerned. 

Plus, you’ll have more control over the finished product and a more solid guarantee that the work you get will be high quality. If you have questions or concerns regarding the product, it’s easy to reach out quickly to your developer and work together until the finished product is perfect.Here at Clear Launch, we’re proud to be a team of local software developers companies like yours turn to when they need personalized, outstanding attention for an upcoming project. If you’re looking for a software developer in Austin, give our team a call. We look forward to discussing your upcoming project with you!