Powerful Technology Tools

Give your team the right tools.

We build custom software to create the right tools so you spend time on what matters.

Peter Drucker once said Efficiency is doing things right;  effectiveness is doing the right things.  A strategy lets you be effective AND efficient


We create and build solutions not just apps.  That means combining strategic technology consulting along with engineering expertise to deliver tools in a variety of formats all powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Web Applications - Software that's easy to access from anywhere.  We use modern web frameworks like Angular and React with proven enterprise backend technology from Microsoft. Ask us about The Stack to learn more.
  • Mobile Applications - Does your tool need to work in the field with no internet access?  There are a lot of great reasons to build a mobile app.  We love using technology that allows sharing code between IOS and Android while still delivering a high quality product.
  • Backend APIs - The engine that powers your platform and the gateway for system integration.  Our technology auto creates a developer portal for documenting and testing your API. 
  • Chrome Plugins - Few people understand the power of plugins.  Extend existing and 3rd party applications with new functionality and keep users where they're used to spending their time.

Powerful features

Every app is unique but creating powerful solutions typically involves coordinating people and systems.  Here are a few examples of powerful features we've put into place recently.

  • Dashboarding and reporting solutions
  • Active directory integration (enterprise user management)
  • Video streaming
  • Billing portal integrations
  • Invoicing integrations
  • Augmented reality
  • SMS / Email notifications
  • Offline application support
  • PDF / DOC / XLS /  document generation and viewing
  • eCommerce platform setup

A small part of the journey

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