software development project

The Secret Formula to a Successful Software Development Project

software development project

When it comes to software development, we like to say that a clear process leads to a clear launch. 

But could it actually be that easy? Do you really only need a few steps and little pixie dust, then—voila—you’ve got yourself a successful app launch? 

Well yes . . . and no. Though it’s true that quality software comes from a quality process, you’ll find that developing a straightforward software development plan isn’t exactly a one-day job. In fact, custom software development projects typically take four to nine months to complete. 

But don’t let that intimidate you. We have three quick tips that will help you get started. Before you know it, you’ll have a software development project that you’re proud to show off.

Define User Roles and Functions

You need a clear map before you can reach your destination. In software development, you draw that map by defining user roles and functions. Ask your team to complete the following:

  • Identify the software’s target market
  • Determine whether the software needs to integrate with other applications
  • Describe which problems the software will solve for users
  • Decide which user roles and permissions the software needs

Remember that there are big differences between features you need and features you want. When you take time to define everything now, you can make informed decisions to cut out unnecessary features that will add time and money to your project.

Know What Your Product Will Look Like at the End of Software Development

User experience (UX) design matters. Great UX design allows users to adopt an application’s features without much thought or effort. On the other hand, poor UX design frustrates users and often encourages them to abandon the software before they find the features they were searching for.

If you plan to release your software to consumers or clients, better UX design should increase your adoption rate and help you make more money. If you want the software to help your employees complete tasks, you save money and reduce errors by giving them a clear design.

For now, make a napkin sketch that approximates what you expect your software to look like. In the back of your mind, though, consider how you will approach the stages of design as you near the prototyping phase.

Create Sample Data With Spreadsheets

What do you expect your completed product to accomplish? You can communicate that vision to software developers by using spreadsheets full of sample data. You might not be able to offer them real-world data, but you can give them a good idea of what you expect the project results to look like.

This one step will strengthen your communication with your developer, help you set clear expectations, and simplify the software development process later on.

Migrate Your Application and Data to Azure for Smoother Software Development

Migrating your application and data to Azure gives you an easy, secure way to access features and lower your hosting costs. At Clear Launch, we often find that clients prefer Azure cloud transformation because they:

  • Only pay for the services they need
  • Gain deeper, more meaningful insights into their applications
  • Continuously update and deploy new code through Azure Pipelines
  • Get some of the best cloud security standards in the industry

Do you need help developing new software or moving existing software to the cloud? Contact Clear Launch to learn more about how we can help.