Our Software Redesign Made Education Data User-Friendly

Indiana University partnered with Clear Launch to build a student data Dashboard that highlighted their existing Ed-Fi database. The result was a best-in-class visualization of student data that helped teachers deliver the best education possible for their students.


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Indiana University is committed to meeting the world’s changing educational and research needs. Clear Launch recently completed a software redesign of the university’s INsite dashboard so they can continue striving toward that goal—with technology that supports instead of hinders them.


INsite (Indiana Student Information to Empower) Indiana University’s initiative to:

  • Facilitate the use of the Ed-Fi data standard by Indiana school districts, charters, and nonpublic schools
  • Increase the interoperability of K-12 organizations' districts’ data sources
  • Provide support and advocacy for K-12 organizations’ districts

The INsite program deployed the standard Ed-Fi solution and dashboards for the benefit of all Indiana schools that chose to join their program. This program helped their districts, charters, and non-public schools make data-driven decisions and stay consistent with other education systems.

Yet over time, the dashboard had grown into a complex platform that was hard to maintain and scale. Making simple text changes, adding new metrics, and implementing new features would require hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars, so Indiana University decided it was time for a software redesign.

Clear Launch Solution

Clear Launch re-engineered the INsite Dashboard from scratch while leveraging Ed-Fi’sdata standardization capabilities. With feedback from the INsite leadership team and ideas from the member schools Clear Launch created the following:

  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation
  • Improved feedback cycle
  • Developer-friendly system that would be easy to maintain in the future
  • Real-time data feed for added transparency

In only a few months, Clear Launch built a proof-of-concept application that solved the dashboard’s maintainability and scalability issues.

The INsite team was impressed with our quick turnaround and the positive ROI generated from the software redesign. They’re working closely with us to finalize the dashboard based on stakeholder feedback, and then they’ll take ownership of the system.

Customer Testimonial

"Since the fall of 2018, INsite has worked with Clear Launch in two capacities: consultation and technical development. Due to their expertise, Clear Launch literally salvaged our Ed-Fi implementation, and because of their software redesign, we were able to transform our project into a highly successful Ed-Fi implementation. 

One of the reasons that we have had so much success with Clear Launch is their flexibility and willingness to solve problems with us in order to meet our goals. We know that they respect our goal to be internally sustainable in terms of ongoing technical maintenance, and they have been true partners in this problem-solving process. 

Compared to other vendors, they have a highly transparent work process, and we can be certain that the money we are investing in our partnership and technical development is being used efficiently and effectively. This aspect of their work style has allowed us to meet our technical development goals, stay within our budget, and even save money, which has allowed us to expand the scope of features that we can offer in our visualization solution for our clients. 

As with all partnerships, open communication is needed on both sides of the equation, and Clear Launch’s client-relationship staff does a good job of reaching out to make sure that things are going well. Technical projects, especially those in the education realm, can easily be derailed due to imprecise communication about specific requirements and user needs. We have been able to succeed in our latest development project—building a secure and customizable dashboard for school district staff to view and drill down into their data—due to these open lines of communication and the ability to make quick adjustments and pivots."

– Molly Stewart, Lead Researcher and Implementation Specialist at Indiana University

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