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Albert Einstein was once asked how he would spend his time if he was given a problem upon which his life depended and he had only one hour to solve it. He responded by saying he would spend 30 minutes analyzing the problem, 20 minutes planning the solution, and 10 minutes executing the solution.

System Audit & Documentation

Is it clear where your technology stands today?

  • Infrastructure diagrams - Which servers, applications and systems are involved in hosting / testing and developing your current solution and how do those systems interact?
  • Data dictionary - Is it clear what your data means?  All data has context that is critical for accurately reporting, extending and maintaining a system, ideally that context is well documented and kept up to date.
  • System architecture - Good applications are like onions, they have layers.  Presentation, domain logic, data management.  As the team grows or changes over time it's critical the design stays in place.  

Roadmap Planning

Do you know where you want to be a year from now?

  • Vision - Having a grand vision is essential to building great products and creating lasting traction.  We'll help solidify and clarify that idea into a documented set of goals.
  • Milestones - Creating 6 - 8 milestones per year is a great way to deliver value quickly while learning from end users interacting with your platform.
  • Priorities - Prioritizing the features within each milestone is a collaborative artform.  What are the easy wins, what makes users love the software, what helps easily onboard users to platform, what lays the groundwork for what's to come and makes the product standout.
  • Leverage - Build vs Buy is a constant part of every technology project.  There are 1000's of open source projects, paid services, components and libraries that should be considered as a part of every solution.  The art is balancing the right level of quality, cost and control based on experience and research.

Release Planning

Do you have blueprints for the next 6 - 8 weeks?

  • User stories -  Having written user stories is key for estimating, planning, and testing any given release.  Creating these stories should be a routine collaborative process.
  • UI/UX and Design - Making software intuitive and easy to use is easier said than done.  Full clickable interactive mockups are the gold standard but not the only way.  
  • Business requirements - At the lowest level we need to capture the specifics of each screen.  What data is required / optional / only visible to some users.  What data is being captured in the system and how does it flow from one screen to the next or one user to the next.
  • Non-functional requirements - Beyond what a user needs to do is a variety of other factors that often go unconsidered.  Device support, performance, scalability, continuous integration, continuous deployment, monitoring and administrative maintainability all should play a part in the system design.  

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